About the mild® Procedure

mild® offers a brief outpatient treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS), restoring spinal canal space to alleviate back and leg pain. With specialized tools and imaging, mild® targets a key LSS cause by removing thickened ligament through a tiny incision, leaving no implants, just a Band-Aid. Comparable in safety to epidural steroid injections, mild® yields enduring outcomes, allowing patients to resume normal activities within 24 hours, unrestricted. Medicare and Medicare Advantage cover mild® nationwide, while commercial coverage may vary.

*Clinical data available: https://www.vertosmed.com/patients

Know the Signs of LSS

Do you feel
tingling, or heaviness when standing/walking?
Are your symptoms
by sitting, bending forward, or sleeping curled in the fetal position?

Remove the Cause of LSS Pain
with the mild® Procedure

Short outpatient procedure
Incision smaller than the size of a baby asprin
No implants left behind, only a Band-Aid
Nationally covered by Medicare (including Medicare Advantage)
Clinically significant, long-term results

Before & After the mild® Procedure


Excess ligament causes pressure on the nerves in the lower back.


mild® removes thickened ligament to reduce compression in the spinal canal.

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